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TampereJS is a community of web developers and a regular meetup revolving around JavaScript and web development in general. It is organized on first Thursday of every month, each time with different talks, sponsor and location. And with drinks & snacks of course. So, if you are a web developer (or just web-curious) TampereJS is the place to be!

We are already over 700 strong and growing. Come join us for a drink or two!

Bonus: You get free drinks

Upcoming meetups

Give a talk

Built something interesting? Learned something new? Found something awesome? Come and share the fun and know-how about it as talks are always welcome! Oh, and no pressure, it's enough to just post the title and the description of the talk, we will contact you before publishing an event, so you won't be thrown to the spotlight without warning. Also, talks should not be longer than 15-20 minutes, people come from work after all so try to keep it light.

Bonus: You gain street-cred within the community and get to do a shoutout for your company

Propose a talk

Sponsor an event

Looking for new developers? Want to spread the good word about your company? With TampereJS you can get in front of a community of hundreds of web development professionals, based right here in Tampere. We bring the people to you, all you need to do is be ready to host a bunch of developers on your premises (or somewhere else in a private space).

Bonus: In the beginning of the event, you can do short company introduction and get the first talk

Become a sponsor